Life after University...Moving back home!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

For a lot of students their time at university will slowly be coming to an end in the next couple of months. Its crazy thinking this time last year that was me. I'm not really sure how a year has passed by so quickly!

Having first hand experienced with post university blues (yes...its a thing) and having to move back home after having the most amazing three years of my life so far! I have teamed up with the lovely Kirstie from Kimamely Beauty to give you our top tips to overcome post university blues and adjust to life back at home.

1) Don't fight it
Lets face it after three years of freedom, it can be a massive challenge to adjust back into your family's routine. This is something I struggled with. Especially coming from a Indian family and being a girl, you are expected to cook, clean and be this "perfect girl". For me, this was hard! For the past three years you might have grown into an independent woman but REALITY CHECK! In you're parents eyes you're still a kid. All the interrogation you get for going out and the 50 billion questions you get asked when you're going out is very frustrating. However do not fight, they do it because they care. My advise would be to take your time to re adjust. It will be tricky but it has to be done.  

2) Don't Stress
The worst thing you can do is over whelm yourself that you need to get a job as soon as possible and what happens if I don't get a job.. SLOW DOWN! Yes you heard me. After university I think its vital to take the summer off to nothing and just relax. Have a goal set of what jobs you want to apply for and do you're research. Then slowly start to apply, it won't seem that scary. Also don't stress if all your other friends are finding jobs first. Be happy for them, jealously doesn't get you very far.  

3) Stay productive
The worst thing you can do is become a couch potato. That serves you no purpose what so ever, but i'm also not saying you should be job hunting 24/7. You just need a balance between staying productive and being a couch potato (haha). Try to get back in touch with old friends, find a part time job to get you out the house or pursue a new passion. For me it was all about my blog and getting creative.   

4) Have a routine
After university one of the hardest things I found was getting back into a routine. It was no longer acceptable to wake up at midday and spend all day watching Netflix with my friends. I now had house work to do and food to cook. So I forced myself to get back into a routine, and i'm glad I did as this helped me when I finally landed myself a job. 

5) Reflect and Grow
Consider how much you've achieved over the past three years. The stress, the deadlines, the friendships and the most import memories. Everything was worth it, you have a degree, you've lived by yourself, you've grown as an individual and you've learnt to deal with different situations and met a number of people from different backgrounds and places. I think thats amazing and theres no other place than university in which this is possible :) 

Lastly I just wanted to say after university you tend to feel a bit lost and lonely, one thing that helped me was talking to my friends about it as they were experiencing the same thing as me. You will also notice you will loose touch with a handful of people, but thats okay. Everyone has new priorities and working 9-5 takes a toll on you! 

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