Six days in Budapest

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Well hello there, yes you. I know you're reading this. Long time no see eh haha! No don't worry I didn't drop off the face of the earth. My career just took over and you know the usual, uninspired by the overly saturated blogosphere! Anyways I was supposed to write this blogpost in September it's now December. Whoops! 

I don't even know what to say, literally sitting here laughing, what the hell! Okay Amreeta, get your shit together, you got this.

Sooooo as you see by the title I went to... BUDAPEST! Yes! If anyone is looking to go travelling for the first time in Europe, I highly recommend Budapest. Its an inexpensive city to visit, the people are lovely, the food omg the food. Amazing! And to my surprise there's a lot to see and do there, the city is very rich in history and culture. 

In total, me and my best friends spent six days in Budapest, which I think was just about the right amount of time. We did everything we wanted, visited the main tourist attractions and most importantly had a great time. I've listed our itinerary down below including places we've eaten and visited, so if you are going to Budapest, you can use this as a handy guide. 

If you don't want to read my itinerary why not watch my Vlog! Such a shameless plug, I know. #SorryNotSorry 

In terms of travelling, we didn't use any cabs throughout our stay. We bought a travel ticket from the airport, I think it was about £12? Not too sure, but for a week you can hop on and off any tram, metro and bus, which is very handy, there is a little kiosk at the airport and the man serving us was extremly helpful. We stayed in a Airbnb, which gave us the freedom to make our own breakfast, drink in our apartment and just have our own little space to chill out in. I did make a list of places I wanted to visit before we left, but we didn't always stick to it, we did check trip advisor for reviews on restaurants and of course google maps for directions. 

Day 1 - Tuesday
Landed in Budapest 
Amazing must try, Pizza slice for 88p at Princess bakery and bistro ( in most metro stations )
Went for dinner at Masal Tov (if you're all about that hummus life, I definetly recommend) 

Day 2 - Wednesday
Great market hall, had goulash soup there (Budapest is known for paprika, so again recommend this)
Went for a walk around city centre and walked over a bridge to Buda side
Had tea and traditional funnel cakes for tea
Dinner at street food place called Karavan (street food, definetly recommend) 
Szimpla Kert (ruin bars) 

Day 3 - Thursday 
St Stephens Basilica and Opera House
Hummus bar for lunch and mr funk for freakshakes
Opera cafe for tea 
Went for a river cruise in the evening on the river Danube 
Dinner was at La Bodeguita Del Medio - Cuban Restaurant 

Day 4 - Friday 
Maragret Island - rode bikes (best thing we did all holiday!!, okay one of the best..!!!) 
Castle hill funicular 
Buda Castle 
Mathaias church + the cafe for tea (A great place to take pictures) 
Gelato at gelato rosa
Mazi, greek restaurant for dinner
Went to pub crawl budapest 

Day 5 - Saturday 
Vintage gardens for lunch 
House of Houdini 
Ate at the cafe opposite 
Had Italian food for dinner 
Went for Sparty on a saturday night (must must must go, just do it. such a good experience)

Day 6 - Sunday (last day) 
Went for lunch at it also had little market stalls by the restaurants
Shoes by the Danube river 
Parliment building 
Hard Rock cafe for dinner
Budapest eye

Here's a some pictures from our six days in Budapest :)

This One's For My Bestie

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Monday, February 13, 2017
So I decided to take a week off from blogging, well not really decided my MacBook decided it didn't want to turn on anymore. So that was fantastic...NOT! I lost so much stuff on my laptop it makes me upset just thinking about it, but doesn't matter, it could be worse. 

Today's post is quite random, its more about my life and less of an advice sort of post and it will most defintely not be about Valentines day, cause you know #foreversingle. Although I did decide to jump back onto Tinder last week, and I actually had a good result, this is going to be so awkward if that person is reading this 👀

Last week I was super excited because I got to go and visit my best friend in her brand new house! I still can't get over the fact that she's got her first place to call home. If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that a couple of my best friends don't live in London like I do. They live up in the Midlands region. So off I went on my little adventure to Lichfield, to visit my bestie April and her boyfriend Adam. We don't get to see each other as much as we would like to because obviously work, family and just general life gets in the way. It was such a nice relaxing weekend, on the day I got there, we consumed a lot of alcohol (as per usual) ate, and played games with some of their close friends. I found out that weekend that I'm shockingly shit at Mario Kart and I don't get me started on a game called werewolf. 

I would call myself the queen of gifts and putting a smile on peoples faces, I don't want to blow my own trumpet but my house warming gifts were pretty epic. As a very crafty person, I decided I wanted to make them both a personalised gift to keep for the rest of their lives. So I decided to make a framed print with their names, year and I sewed on a map in the shape of a house to show where they live. Cute I know. I love giving thoughtful gifts. I also bought them a pair of matching mugs, tea, because you can never get enough tea and obviously because its me I gave them a note pad planner. 

It was nice to get away for the weekend and spend quality time with lovely friends. Thanks for having me guys and I'll be back soon 💕

Secret Scent Box | Designer Fragrance

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Monday, January 30, 2017
Secret Scent Box
Secret Scent Box
Secret Scent Box
Smelling great is up there with one of the most important things in life. There's just something great about walking past someone and getting a waft of their lovely smelling self! Am I right!? Now why am I talking about smells and scents? I'll tell you why, last week I was kindly sent a little package by the lovely guys at Secret Sent Box to review. Now, If you're like me and change your perfume constantly but don't like to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a small bottle of designer perfume, then this subscription box is the one for you! 

Secret Sent Box is a UK monthly designer fragrance subscription box. Each month you are sent three designer sample size fragrances to test out, each lasting for 30 days. It's a brilliant way to discover brand new designer scents without the big price tag, and for £15 a month its a no brainer really. PLUS they offer free delivery, and this subscription is both for men and woman. 

What I love about this box is the small size of it. I was actually very surprised by the size, it fitted perfectly through my letter box, meaning you won't have to worry about missed packages whilst you're at work. The sample size spray bottles make for the perfect travel companion, forget about having to travel with your heavy full size perfume bottles,  just pick up the small box with all 3 samples and you're good to go. Lastly, the element of fun that comes with the box is the best, you never know what scents you'll be receiving each time. Each month brings three mystery fragrances for you to try out. Maybe you'll like them, maybe you won't, but it will sure push you out of your comfort zone to try some new fragrances that you would of probably never of tried before. Because lets face it, trying out new scents in perfume shops send your nostrils into over drive. 

This month I received the February Edition For Her. Inside the box contains three spray bottles, three small cards informing you about each scent and one card stating what edition box it is. The small bottles are securely packaged inside the sleek and elegant black box, which visually is very pleasing. Here's a break down of each perfume I received this month. 

Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Girl
- Camellia Flower, Apple Blossom, Mandarin, Honeysuckle, Butterfly Violet, Rose, Magnolia, Sandalwood & Jasmine. 
A refreshing scent perfect for spring/summer. It wouldn't be something I would wear day in day out, but it's reminiscent of sunny summer days with its floral, feminine and fresh notes. Even with its floral notes, this perfume is not overpowering, its fresh and elegant. 

Calvin Klein - CK One Shock
- Passion Flower, Pink Peony, Poppy Flower, Chocolate Accord, Blackberry, Narcisse, Magnetic Ambers & Second Skin Musk.
With its young and girly scent, the sweet and floral notes are the first thing that hits you when you smell this. It reminds me of something I would wear when I was in college. I'm not the biggest fan of this so I definetly would not re purchase this however I do like the musky undertone of the scent when it settles on the skin. 

Tom Ford - Orchid Soleil
- Bitter Orange, Pink Pepper, Cypress, Red Spider Lily, Tuberose, Vanilla, Chestnut Cream, Patchouli & Orchid. 
By far this is my favourite out of the three! I would of never tried this and I literally fell in love with it from the moment I sprayed it. Its not like the other two, its sophisticated, sensual and warm, perfect as an evening scent. Definetly purchasing this one. 

I would definetly recommend this subscription box. Like I said its a great way to try out new fragrances without having to buy the whole bottle, and because the bottles are so small and travel friendly, you can smell great at any time! 

If my review doesn't get you to subscribe I don't know what will. Oh wait...DISCOUNT CODE! Get 15% off your first box with the code CURLYNEEDLE15. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Thank you to the guys at Secret Sent Box for providing me with the box to review! :) 

*I was gifted this item to review however all opinions are my own.